Why Bojko

Why Bojko?




BOJKO Project Management was founded by Marco Bojko, a graduate engineer (BA) specialized in mechanical engineering. Thanks to several years of experience in the industry, BOJKO speaks the language of companies and understands the challenges of the necessary processes. As a service provider BOJKO combines technology and organization and combines the knowledge in machine design with project management.

Kreative Ideen bei der Konstruktion

12 plus points for your success from BOJKO:

1+ Flexible support in case of capacity problems

You receive support exclusively from experienced experts. A professional solution to your individual tasks is ensured.

2+ Creative design ideas

We look at your requirements from outside of your company. Often, the view from the outside has already resulted in valuable solutions for the customer.

3+ Consideration of your SolidWorks specifications

You have special system options in your company in SolidWorks. We deliver the data to you as if we were working on your system. Your drawing frames, title blocks or dimension styles are used according to your specifications. Document properties meet your standards. CAD data created for you thus meet your requirements. As soon as the CAD data is transferred to your system, it already meets your specifications.

4+ Same SolidWorks version

You will receive all CAD data in the SolidWorks version you require. The version will be coordinated with you at the beginning of the project.

5+ Convenient data exchange

On request, we implement the CAD data we create directly into your database. There is no need for you to rework the supplied data. You can access the current design data at any time. You determine the time of the data exchange: At the end of the project, weekly, daily or simultaneously..

6+ Your data remains your data

Secure VPN communication ensures discrete data exchange. Your data remains protected from manipulation and unauthorized access.

7+ Libraries

Libraries in CAD speed up the design process for recurring parts or drawing elements. If you wish, your libraries of standard parts or purchased parts are used in the design. Duplicate parts are avoided in your system.

8+ Easy integration of CAD data into your PDM system

We can implement your requirements for file names, part numbers and attributes. Thus, the data we create can be seamlessly integrated into your PDM system. The supplied data can thus be used smoothly for your business processes.

9+ Material databases

Machine components are made of a wide variety of materials. If you wish, we can use your standard materials. When selecting materials, we independently pay attention to costs and benefits for you.

10+ Complete process support from the initial idea to production

Both before the start and after the completion of the construction, we are at your side as a project partner. Your projects thus always remain in flow.

11+ Organization of purchasing, manufacturing and assembly

You would like to receive a finished part, assembly or machine? We can organize the complete procurement process for you.

12+ On-site inventory

Sometimes it makes sense to get a personal impression of the situation at the plant, on site or in production. We are there for you to take a survey with you on site, to measure up and to plan projects together.

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